Join Moontower in welcoming back THE TEXAS KGB to the Stage Under The Stars Saturday February 18, 8pm. Start the weekend out right! Spend a Way South Awesome evening with us!

Not since Lennon met McCartney, have two singer/songwriters of such varied musical backgrounds combined to create such a powerfully unique experience for the listener. A modern blending of influences and genres that creates a one of a kind sound that can only be defined as Americana Music.

The TEXAS K.G.B. (Kelly Green Band) came about to show that real people can play real music on real instruments. An analog approach in a digital world. At a time when computers have taken over for musicians, we strive to make music an emotional experience, not just play the notes.

Whether you are at a Live Show or listening to their albums, you will be treated to an experience like no other. Crossing genre and musical style that defy normal boundaries, The Texas K.G.B. take their inspiration from Classic Rock, Country, Blues, Soul, Funk and Folk just to name a few.

Over the past five years this group has played worldwide from Texas to North Dakota and Atlanta to Amsterdam. With over 250 dates a year, from opener to headliner, at shows or festivals, from new fan to super fan, this band puts on an unforgettable performance.