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Moontower Saloon’s 11 acre facility, convenient location, spreading oaks, green spaces and amenities make it a great destination for parties and events.  We can accommodate groups of almost any size, there are multiple bars, decks, stages and plenty of elbow room to spread out. On site food trailers TRIPLE WIDE can cater your event,-even design a custom menu just for your guests.


The large lawn out front can be used for multiple purposes outdoor games, presentations whatever you might need. There are even 3 regulation SAND VOLLEYBALL courts available for those that might want to  “get sandy”  Don’t wait!  fill out the short form below – lock down your date today – and our event coordinator will be in touch and will work with you – one on one to make sure your event is a big success that will be talked about for years to come!


If you’ve never been to Moontower before, and need to know more about what we are all about – please take a few minutes and have a look around the site, its all there to see, the “About” page in particular has a lot of useful information about what to expect at the Tower – so take a little cruise through the site and see why Moontower Saloon has become South Awesome’s  premier party destination!


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Moontower Saloon is a bar, and as a result,Texas state law forbids us from admitting minors to our facility at any time,
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