Start your weekend out the Way South Awesome Way with SUBROSA UNION on the Stage Under the Stars at Moontower Saloon Thursday April 20, 6pm.

SUbrosa Union started out as simply Subrosa in 1999 in a garage on the East side of El Paso.

To date SU has released three studio albums. The band released its debut album Looking Forward in 2007. In addition, they played the “Operation Looking Forward” tour for Armed Forces Entertainment. Later in 2008 SU released their SUn City album It contained live and prereleased tracks thus gaining notoriety during their border city playing days.

In 2010, SU released One Night Stand, produced by Mike Cosgrove of Alien Ant Farm. In June 2013 the band released their independent “Rise from the Ashes” 5 track EP rich with new addictive SU styled tunes.

Focusing on collaborative personal projects these El Paso/Austin rockers have taken their time to spread their “proverbial” artistic wings. The SU members realized that they missed their reggae-rock-roots so they have recently started performing and touring again.

The Name

The “Union” was added by Michael during a little get-together at his father’s home in Laredo, Texas. Michael noted there were a couple of other bands with the title “Subrosa” and had no desire to change the title of the band’s name; he noted the Italian wall art entitled “Union” in his father’s home and suggested adding the “Union” to Subrosa.

While a play on words “sabrosa” means “full of flavor and delicious-tasting”. Sub-rosa means “under the rose”. This is an ancient symbol denoting a secret – the band’s name was playfully incorporated by the trio. As stated by the band mates, “we are a ‘tasty secret’ which makes our vibe flavorfully delicious… to the ears, to the eyes and definitely to the mood.” As the naming conflicts led them to add “Union” to their name later on, enlarging the “U” in Subrosa, added to the moniker of “SUbrosa Union” or “SU”.

SU is:
Michael Anaya – Guitar/ Vocals
Chris Paulos – Bass
Paul Valenzuela – Drums